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Formation of JESCO Hoa Binh Engineering

  JESCO Holdings merged and acquainted Hoa Binh Engineering which is a subsidiary company of HoaBinh Corporation, Vietnam’s largest general construction company.  Jesco Hoa Binh Engineering (JHE) was authorized officially in April 2014. Formally JHE was established.

  Based on the partnership, JESCO is expanding its business line to air conditioning and ventilation systems and we are able to be engaged in executing works and installation of electric system, wireless communication, electric communication and electronic instrumentation as a general facility constructor and it eventually leads to enhance the level of customer satisfaction. Contribution of business results of this fiscal year will be around 100 million Yen and is expected to reach 400 to 500 million Yen for the next fiscal year. JESCO Group is going to change its business scope in ASEAN market accordingly, based on this business partnership. 

JESCO in the future

  The more important thing is the fact that the 41 freshmen (including 11 freshmen in Japan) will become 42 years old after 20 years from now and the 40 years employees will become around 60 years old. They must be responsible as executive members for operation of the ASEAN and if not, that would be a big problem. At that time the annual sales of JESCO Group would reach more than the level of 30 billion Yen.  You must imagine where you would be standing at then and must work at present. It is not so difficult as you think and just do it.


Do not be afraid of confrontation

  International operation means that it is to understand the culture and history of your business counterparts. We can’t force your culture onto another.

  Japan is an island country so that it is said that people in Japan have a tendency to avoid frictions.  It is a good characteristic, but at the same time to speak out and to demand what you think of are also necessary.

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