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Vision and Mission

Jesco Hoa Binh aims to become a leading M&E company in Vietnam, and becomes one of the top M&E firms in Asia in future with our missions:

1.   Provide the best products and services with the most convenient and quickest way in the construction and real estate industry.

2.   Set up the most efficient work environment in order to comprehensively develop each employee’s talent.

3.   Completely satisfy all staffs’ needs and dreams, while bringing appropriate profits to the Corporation and satisfactory benefits to the shareholders and contribute as much as possible to the country and society at the same time.

In order to effectuate the mission, BOD has given out “three arrows” for the direction of JHE’s development:

The first arrow:”  PROFIT IMPROVEMENT” - Together remove totally 3M - “Muri (Unresonable)”,  “Muda (Waste)”, and ”Mura(Uneven)” in office and contruction site.

The second arrow:” PROCESS IMPROVEMENT” - Endeavor to “ KAIZEN” the necessary points of process “ Plan - Do - Act - Check” in all departments, construction sites to improve their perfomance.

The third arrow:” FRIENDLY & COOPERATIVE” - JESCO HOABINH JSC is the cooperation between JESCO HD from Japan and HOA BINH Corp from Vietnam. This bonds will bring two - threefold outstanding results in both techniques and managements.